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How To Make Money on Fiverr Without Skills 2024

Here are some tips for earning money on Fiverr without prior experience. I consistently made $10,000 using Fiverr for the last few months. Additionally, I discovered a technique to get money on Fiverr without doing any of the work yourself, despite the fact that the site is a place where you should offer your abilities for money.

And in this article, I’ll describe how to accomplish this in just five easy steps. I’ll do my best to make the instructions understandable to everyone who reads them, regardless of their background, age, or place of origin.

What is Fiverr?

You’ll need to visit Fiverr first, which, according to a related website, receives over 60 million visitors from all around the world each month. I’ll even show you how to maximize your results and make more money by using an additional platform somewhere in this article.

Fiverr is a completely free global platform where you can go and either provide services, sell your services and sell your skills, or someone else can come and buy those services from you. Over 60 million people visit fiverr.com every month, with visitors coming from the United States, Pakistan, India, the United Kingdom, Bangladesh, and over 200 other countries.

You can use this and make money with fiverr with no prior skills. Because I’m going to show you how to get everything done for yourself, and this works in any category you want to focus on. Whether that’s graphic design, whether that’s voiceovers video editing, app development, web development etc. Now, we will obviously not be purchasing anything from fiverr but I want to show you how you can use this freelancing platform to make money online without doing the work yourself.

Create Fiverr Account.

You can complete any category you can think of with no skills, so the first thing I want you to do is go to fiverr.com and click on the join button on the top right to sign up for a free account. You can do this by joining with Facebook, Google, Apple, or another social network, or you can manually enter your email address in this box and click Continue. The signup process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

There are literally millions of people offering their services on fiverr, so in order to stand out and in order to actually be successful with this, you need to do some research first before you actually jump into selling those services. So first and foremost let’s do a quick research on fiver. If you want to make this work, you don’t need skills but you do need a fiverr account so just go out there and sign up to fiverr.com now.

Also, you will see the dashboard where you can see all of the categories available; there are writing, translation, video, animation, music, and audio, among many others, here on the right. Aside from that, now I want to show you how to complete any service from Fiverr since you won’t be doing it yourself because I’ll show you how to do it without any skills. If you don’t have to do the work, you may concentrate on anything, but you need to be sure that you’re focusing on the proper service that will actually provide results.

Fiverr Research Tool.

Now, I personally prefer to use fivelytics in order to conduct the necessary study, and this is already the case with fivelytics.com. This is comparable to a seller assistant from Fiverr, so what I like to do is click on Fiverr Tools in this area, then select Keyword Analytics.

And I am aware that when starting out, most people just want to concentrate on some quick services like a logo design or a video editing service or something similar. So let me demonstrate. If we go over to the search bar to target some keyword, say logo design, and I click analyze keyword, that will show us that there are over 1,74000 services already selling for logo design over 1,74000 gigs selling for logo designs so the competition is tough.

Selecting The Perfect Niche.

Choosing the right niche is key to success. Personally, I prefer niches with low competition and services priced at least at $40. This pricing strategy has worked well for me, ensuring that I’m not underselling my services. For instance, the average price for logo design services is $106, which is quite promising.

However, it’s crucial to consider competition levels. Take video editing, for example. On Fiverr, over 32,000 sellers offer video editing services at an average cost of $95, indicating fierce competition. Despite the reasonable pricing, it’s wise to explore other industries with less competition.

Exploring categories like “video and animation” on Fiverr reveals a variety of services, from short video ads to animated explainers. The beauty of Fiverr is that you don’t need to do the work yourself; you can sell any service, regardless of complexity, and still profit.

Let’s take lyric and music videos as an example. With around 7,000 gigs available, competition is relatively low, presenting an opportunity to offer these services without much competition.

While the average price may fall slightly below $40, it’s still a viable option. However, it’s essential to research each category thoroughly using tools like Five Analytics to gauge competition levels and ensure profitability.

Starting from scratch on Fiverr can be daunting for beginners, but with the right approach, success is possible. By focusing on niches with manageable competition and leveraging strategies to rank highly on Fiverr, you can attract organic traffic and maximize your earnings.

My Niche Is Instagram

I’ve decided to offer a gig where I write content for Instagram pages. According to fivelytics.com, there are over 1,000 gigs for this service, indicating low competition. What’s even better is that the average price is $58, which is quite promising.

Before creating my gig, I’ll conduct additional research by sorting the gigs by best selling. This will give me insights into which services are performing well in my category. While some sellers may offer lower-priced plans starting at $5 or $20, keep in mind that these are often introductory offers for basic services. For a comprehensive service, the price typically ranges higher, around $45 or more.

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Maximizing Fiverr Gigs: A Step-by-Step Guide

Exploring Top Sellers

Gain insights from top sellers to craft compelling gig titles, descriptions, and promotional strategies tailored to your niche. Avoid copying directly but draw inspiration to create unique gigs.

Crafting the Gig

Create a captivating gig title incorporating relevant keywords like “Instagram Content” and “Account Management.” Keep titles concise for better visibility.

Tag Selection

Choose tags strategically, including keywords like “Instagram Management” and “Instagram Marketing,” to optimize search visibility on Fiverr.

Pricing Strategy

Implement tiered pricing with basic, standard, and premium plans to cater to diverse client needs. Offer competitive rates while ensuring profitability.

Basic Plan

Position the basic plan as a trial offering, providing a taste of your services at an affordable rate. Showcase the value of your offerings to attract potential clients.

Standard Plan

Offer extended services with the standard plan, providing comprehensive solutions at a higher price point. Highlight additional features like revisions and page setup.

Premium Plan

Present the premium plan as a full-service package, catering to clients seeking long-term engagement. Price it accordingly to reflect the value of ongoing support.

Optional Add-Ons

Include add-on services like expedited delivery and extra revisions to enhance the value proposition for clients. Customize packages to meet specific requirements.

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Maximizing Gig Visibility

Optimize gig descriptions with relevant keywords to improve search rankings on Fiverr. Leverage diverse keyword variations to increase visibility.

Completing Services

Outsource services from freelancing platforms like Upwork at lower rates to maximize profit margins. Negotiate prices with freelancers to secure competitive deals.

Driving Additional Traffic

Explore alternative traffic sources like YouTube to attract more potential clients to your gigs. Create value-driven content related to your services and include gig links for direct access.


By following these steps, you can maximize your results on Fiverr, attract more clients, and increase your revenue. Stay proactive in optimizing your gigs and exploring new avenues for growth.


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