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How To Make Money With Fiverr Affiliate Marketing

In this article, I will teach you how to make thousands of dollars with Fiverr affiliates without having any social media followers, without having your own website, without having to make YouTube videos, and without having to invest thousands of dollars in paid ads.

Therefore, the traffic sources that we will use in the step-by-step tutorial are totally free and can be used by anyone, even total beginners. We will now start the step-by-step process.

What is Fiverr?

So, first things first for those who are unfamiliar with Fiverr, let’s start with step number one. Fiverr is a freelance marketplace where you can find many individuals who are just like me and you and where you can purchase and sell a variety of services, for instance every individual who is like me and you is selling services.

On this site, regular people like me and you can purchase a variety of services, such as graphic design, digital marketing, writing, translation, video and animation, music production, and business and lifestyle training. You can also invite everything from logo designs to landscape designs, menu designs, and music producers.

How to find service on Fiverr?

Let’s say, for example, that I want to go to Fiverr and search for “tick-tock growth” in order to find services that help me grow my fake talk account. Don’t worry, you won’t need to start a tech talk or create amusing videos for tick-tock, and you won’t need to post anything on social media; you just want to search for “take that growth,” for example.

There will be a ton of search results, but you want to find some high-quality ones. For example, this one has 4.7 stars, which is not very good, while this one has five stars but only one sale, so perhaps talk services are not that popular okay let’s switch to some other platform. let’s maybe go with Instagram growth let’s try to find some services related to growing on Instagram.

It’s important to find people who are assisting businesses and accounts on social media in growing organically rather than with things like fake engagement and fake followers because that won’t work very well. You want to find people who assist you in growing on social media organically with things like Instagram with things like marketing and so on. Over here will handle Instagram marketing or promotion for the organic group.

So you should check out some of these services. For example, you should look at this girl’s reviews to see if clients are happy with her work and services. You can also look at the various packages, which in this case range up to $100 per month for a 30-day increase in Instagram following that totals $500 plus using a follow-unfollow method.

She will expand your Instagram account by following and unfollowing various users, and you can read the description to understand more about how it works. She charges $100 per month for this specific service.

Now that you’ve opened their affiliate program’s website, affiliates.fiber.com, you can see that the compensation ranges from 15 to 150 CPA (cost per action) for each person you refer. Since we’ll be concentrating on that, you can earn up to 150 for each sale made using your affiliate link.

After discovering some legitimate surveys on Fiverr that are aiding users in growing their social media accounts, in this case Instagram, you now want to join their affiliate program at affiliates.fiverr.com. To do this, click the join now button and then choose the account type you want to use when creating your account.

in this case, as a private you want to enter your first and last name enter your email address Choose a username to choose your country over here right now there are accepting people from all over the world so it doesn’t matter where you are coming from just sign up for free takes less than two minutes and you can start promoting different offers now once you log in as an affiliate on Fiverr.

this is the dashboard where you can actually track the clicks and you can track your earnings conversions and so on as you can see I’ve gotten 90 clicks on my affiliate link and so far I made 50 dollars from that 55 from 90 clicks and inside of this video I’m going to show you how you can literally get hundreds if not thousands of different clicks only for your affiliate link so you can potentially make a lot more money by promoting offers as an affiliate.

so first things first you want to go to the marketing tools on the left-hand side you want to go to default and deep links I hope you can see that it’s right over here click on default and deep links so you can create a CPA link and remember that CPA pays you 15 to 150 dollars per person that you refer so now you want to click on the shortened link right over here and then you want to create an lp URL the way you do that is by going back to the service.

which do you want to promote in this case I would promote this one and you want to grab the URL of that service so it’s going to be right here so you just want to exclude the context bar on the right-hand side and you just want to copy the URL of this service so let me do that real quick so I’m going to copy the URL and then I’m gonna go back to Fiverr affiliates and I’m gonna paste it inside of this box where it says purl and let me show you what that’s actually gonna do so now that’s gonna generate this full CPA link.

so you can copy this and when someone goes to this link they’re going to be redirected all the way down to this service instead of sending them just to Fiverr you’re sending them, particularly to this service where they can purchase Instagram growth service for a hundred bucks and you’re gonna take anywhere from fifteen to one hundred and fifty dollars per person that signs up.

so this is really good now that you have generated that link. you obviously want to make it short and sweet and the way you can do that is either by using Beetley or tiny URL so you can just search for tiny URL this is already tinyurl.com and there you can create that long URL because as you say it’s like really long and boring and I just want to paste it inside of this box and it’s going to look pretty nice as you can see this is a new link that has been generated for you but you can copy with one click of a button.

and you can start sharing it with other people but before you start sharing it you want to go over to google for the next step this is the next step you want to go over to google and you want to search for how to grow a business on social media you want to look for different tips and tricks on how to grow someone’s business with social media followers you just want to find why is social media so important.

and if you think about it as a business without social media is basically that no one is going to know about them but it can grow a lot faster if they have social media presence and if they grew their social media followers it’s just incomparable if your business is not on social media it’s not available on Instagram Twitter Facebook.

no one knows about it and it’s gonna struggle to grow but if it’s really active on social media and a lot of people follow your social media and they see you over there they trust you then they’re way more likely to either go to your barbershop your gym or whatever it is so it’s extremely important to have a business available on social media so you want to search for how to grow a business in social media.

and let’s say for example I’m going to go with this one how to use social media for small businesses 12 small tips they will have someone like let’s say for example I run a restaurant and I’ve heard that social media is really good and it’s going to grow my business it’s going to get me more customers so I just want to learn how to actually grow my social media because I have no idea how to do it myself so what we need to do right now is we need to copy the URL of the article that talks about.

in this case, 12 tips about how to grow social media for small businesses, and then you want to go over to a tool called snape.ly this is the next step that you will need to complete this is an absolutely free tool that allows you to add a call to action to almost any article or blog post out there so you want to add the article URL in this box and you want to click create a snip and now you can create a call to action on that particular website.

so I’m going to create a new call to action on the left-hand side and let me show you what that will do so I’m going to select my brand here I’m going to select the button the message is going to pop up here and the message, in this case, is going to grow your Instagram here and then the button URL is going to start now and the button URL so when someone clicks on the actual button.

we want to send them to this tiny URL so I’m going to copy the URL and then you want to go back here and you want to paste that inside of this box and you want to click continue you can also customize the button the colors the size and all that stuff I will just finish the call to action like that and let me show you how that is going to look like as of right now.

so we are finishing the cta now this is a sneak blue link which you will need to copy clock copy that with one click of a button you can preview that also with one click of a button and you can see that when someone goes to this page they can start reading about 12 different tips on how to grow on social media and while they’re reading those tips they can also see my call to action at the bottom that says grow your Instagram.

here you can of course change the quality action and add something that has a really good punch line so that it grabs attention I just did it real quick and when they click on start now as you can see it’s gonna redirect them to our Fiverr link to the Fiverr service where they can buy Instagram growth as you can see they can buy organic growth for a hundred dollars thirty dollars or forty-five dollars.

and you are going to earn a commission as an affiliate by referring people like that so now you just need to share this snippety link with other people so you can actually start getting traffic and start making money as an affiliate and the easiest way you can do this by the way we have three different traffic sources the traffic source number one is going to be generating an email.

like this oh I’m sorry this was my microphone the email is going to be right over here I literally did the work for you so you can just copy and paste this email and I will also leave this email in the description box down below uh you can just grab it for free you can copy and paste it for free I’m not gonna capture your email or whatsoever you can literally just copy this text and use it for yourself and no strings attached.

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so if you do appreciate that just drop a like down below and that will really really help me anyways the subject line for the email that you will be sending out is going to be free grow your business today so they know this is absolutely free we are not trying to charge them for our consulting services or anything like that we want to help them grow for free grow your business today and the body of the email is going to be dear sir or madam I’m writing to you because I work with one of the biggest digital marketing agencies to help small business owners increase the revenue for free.

and then we will explain why social media is so important social media has not only changed the way we do business but it opens previously closed doors with over 3.7 billion active social media users worldwide social media platforms provide a massive audience for your business to connect with your customers increase brand awareness most importantly and generate more leads and obviously make more money.

and then you can just create a call to action below in that email so I’m going to open up Gmail, in this case, I will copy and paste the subject line and I will show you who you need to actually email in order to get some results so you want to paste the subject line here and then you want to copy and paste the full email as well and you also want to create a call to action not only for directly to your affiliate link but also to the snippety link where they can read the article for free.

so if they want to learn more about why social media is important not 12 different tips on how to grow in social media they can actually just go to this snippet link which I will share with them the way you attach a link is by clicking on the chain icon and then you can paste it there and maybe I can also create a new call to action that says uh click here to learn about growing on Instagram for free for example or growing on any other social media platform.

and then I will paste my snipple link because it’s absolutely free like the article that you’re sharing is absolutely free they can just click and they can read it for free they can get value for free but once they are on that article they can also click the button to go to Fiverr and purchase the service that’s gonna help them grow in social media which is not free but it’s not really expensive so they will probably invest in their business because they can get a massive return on that like if they get just one new customer from that service.

it’s definitely going to pay off for them so why not if they get a couple of customers they are in huge profits so anyways I also want to include direct affiliate links here as well so we’ll go back to TinyURL I will copy the affiliate link and then I will include my affiliate link probably here so you can check out our services in Fiverr yes that’s where I will actually include an affiliate link that takes them directly to Fiverr so we have both direct affiliate links and article links the article which they can read for free and now sincerely and I’ll just type in my name you just want to sign yourself off, in this case, I would type dave but you can just type in your name and you’re ready to go this is the full email.

but we don’t have a person to an email we don’t have the actual emails well the way you found those the way you find those emails are by going over to google and by trying to find different businesses on google and you want to open up and try to find their social media accounts to see if they’re actually running their business in social media so I’m going to search for a barbershop in new york and this is something that we talked about in my previous video so that’s why I’m going to search for that as well and it doesn’t need to be on the first or second page of google.

that doesn’t really matter I’m just going to try to find uh social media accounts for this particular website in most cases they are at the bottom of the website so it seems like they do have an Instagram account let’s see and yeah they actually do have an Instagram account right over here which has 3 000 followers it’s not bad but they can definitely do a lot better than that if they had more followers obviously they could have gotten a lot more sales.

so what I can do right now is because I know they have Instagram and they have social media I can copy their email address which is right over here uh once again in most cases people leave their emails at the bottom of the website so I’m gonna paste the email here and then I’m gonna send it out to them so they can see that they can grow their business today and they can get all the value for free by going over to the staple link.

so this is one of the ways that you can promote Fiverr services as an affiliate the second traffic source that you can use is answers.com this is answers.com this is a platform that is being visited by over 6 million people every single month and over 40 percent of those people are coming from us so the traffic is extremely high quality on here it’s top-tier traffic top tier one an answer is a place where people come to ask and answer specific questions so you can just go to the search bar and you can perhaps type in how to grow on Instagram and you can find people that are asking this question like how they can grow on Instagram and you can just start replying to those questions and you can tell them hey I found this article it’s really useful it’s going to show you 12 different tips.

and how to grow an Instagram page and it’s absolutely free you can read it here and just leave your snipped link they will start reading the article and while they’re reading that article for free they can also see the call to action which is going to take them to Fiverr services so by doing that you’re not being spammy and you’re not being sales you’re not pushing it to buy something right away.

but first of all, you’re providing value and based on that value you’re also offering your affiliate links so they can purchase its service so that’s the second way you can promote Fiverr services as an affiliate and the last way you can do this is just by finding businesses directly on social media.

it doesn’t necessarily have to be Instagram that can once again be Pinterest it’s going to be twitter it can be tick tock it doesn’t matter you just want to find someone who is selling something on Instagram who is trying to grow their brand business or company through Instagram or any other social media platform and that is perhaps just trying to sell something so either service or a product it doesn’t really matter and then you want to reach out to them so in this case if you’re using the desktop version on Instagram.

you will have to follow them first and once you follow them you can just message them as you can see you can dm them direct message them and you can just provide them your services and explain to them how services from Fiverr are gonna help them grow their social media first of all.

But secondly by growing their social media they are directly going to grow their business because they’re going to be able to reach a lot more customers and get a lot more sales and obviously make a lot more money and the reason this works so well is that businesses obviously have budgets to invest into a service like this.

and they see this as a potential investment that’s gonna pay off hopefully for them so they are first of all they have a budget and secondly this is an investment for them so it’s a lot easier to make them actually purchase they have an incentive to buy.

So those are the three different ways that you can make money with Fiverr affiliates. I hope you’ve learned something new in this article and if you want to learn how you can make money on Fiverr without any skills then make sure to check out other articles.


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