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How To Make Money on Fiverr Without Skills 2022

Here are some tips for earning money on Fiverr without prior experience. I consistently made $10,000 using Fiverr for the last few months. Additionally, I discovered a technique to get money on Fiverr without doing any of the work yourself, despite the fact that the site is a place where you should offer your abilities for money.

And in this article, I’ll describe how to accomplish this in just five easy steps. I’ll do my best to make the instructions understandable to everyone who reads them, regardless of their background, age, or place of origin.

What is Fiverr?

You’ll need to visit Fiverr first, which, according to a related website, receives over 60 million visitors from all around the world each month. I’ll even show you how to maximize your results and make more money by using an additional platform somewhere in this article.

Fiverr is a completely free global platform where you can go and either provide services, sell your services and sell your skills, or someone else can come and buy those services from you. Over 60 million people visit fiverr.com every month, with visitors coming from the United States, Pakistan, India, the United Kingdom, Bangladesh, and over 200 other countries.

You can use this and make money with fiverr with no prior skills. Because I’m going to show you how to get everything done for yourself, and this works in any category you want to focus on. Whether that’s graphic design, whether that’s voiceovers video editing, app development, web development etc. Now, we will obviously not be purchasing anything from fiverr but I want to show you how you can use this freelancing platform to make money online without doing the work yourself.

Create Fiverr Account.

You can complete any category you can think of with no skills, so the first thing I want you to do is go to fiverr.com and click on the join button on the top right to sign up for a free account. You can do this by joining with Facebook, Google, Apple, or another social network, or you can manually enter your email address in this box and click Continue. The signup process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

There are literally millions of people offering their services on fiverr, so in order to stand out and in order to actually be successful with this, you need to do some research first before you actually jump into selling those services. So first and foremost let’s do a quick research on fiver. If you want to make this work, you don’t need skills but you do need a fiverr account so just go out there and sign up to fiverr.com now.

Also, you will see the dashboard where you can see all of the categories available; there are writing, translation, video, animation, music, and audio, among many others, here on the right. Aside from that, now I want to show you how to complete any service from Fiverr since you won’t be doing it yourself because I’ll show you how to do it without any skills. If you don’t have to do the work, you may concentrate on anything, but you need to be sure that you’re focusing on the proper service that will actually provide results.

Fiverr Research Tool.

Now, I personally prefer to use fivelytics in order to conduct the necessary study, and this is already the case with fivelytics.com. This is comparable to a seller assistant from Fiverr, so what I like to do is click on Fiverr Tools in this area, then select Keyword Analytics.

And I am aware that when starting out, most people just want to concentrate on some quick services like a logo design or a video editing service or something similar. So let me demonstrate. If we go over to the search bar to target some keyword, say logo design, and I click analyze keyword, that will show us that there are over 1,74000 services already selling for logo design over 1,74000 gigs selling for logo designs so the competition is tough.

Selecting The Perfect Niche.

What I personally like to do is focus on low competition niche, low competition services, but with an average price of at least forty dollars. Forty dollars is a mark that I found to work the best for me, so I don’t want to focus on services that are going to make me only a few dollars, especially since we will be doing the strategy. And the average sale is 106 average price for logo design services, which is really good.

You should definitely concentrate on services with an average cost of at least $40, as I’ll show you towards the end of the post. Therefore, given that it is 106, this is great from the standpoint of average pricing. This is great, and we can definitely benefit from it, but I want to show you how fierce the competition is and why we should focus on a different industry. Take video editing as an illustration. This website enables you to review any term of any service. On Fiverr, over 32,000 people provide video editing services for an average cost of $95. This indicates that there is still a lot of competition—35,000 people.

However, the average price is still reasonable here, so I’m going to return to Fiverr and browse through all of these different categories. For instance, I’m going to choose “video and animation” to see what these sellers are offering. This category includes short video ads, logo animations, animated gifs, character animations, whiteboard animations, animated explainers, and more.

And because you won’t be doing the work yourself, you can choose any of these services in any category you like. So even though something complicated like animated explainers might sound intimidating, don’t worry—you won’t be finishing them yourself. You can also sell any of these services because I’ll show you how to do it several different ways, giving you more than one way to make money on Fiverr without having any skills.

Let’s check an example: lyric and music videos. I’ll return to fivelytics.com, type in a lyric and music video, and analyze the keyword. That will reveal to us that there are let it just load 7 000 gigs available for this. However, there are multiple ways you can do this and sell those services without doing the work yourself.

We can still sell our service for a respectable amount of money because there isn’t a lot of competition. For step number two, I just wanted to head over to Fiverr and browse through all of these different categories to find the one you want to focus on. The average price is 38, so yes, it is a little bit below 40 dollars, but I would personally choose this one.

It’s going to be extremely difficult for a complete beginner to get any results because we are starting this from scratch with brand-new accounts. Once you find the category you like, use Five Analytics to do some research to see if the competition is way too high, such as if it’s over 30 or 40 000 people or they’re over 30 or 40 000 gigs already selling.

but I also want to show you how to rank on Fiverr so you can get organic traffic as well. Right now, we’ll be talking about how to rank on Fiverr, and yes, at the end of this video, I’ll show you how to get some extra free external traffic. However, I also want to show you how to rank highly on Fiverr so you can get that organic traffic as well.

My Niche Is Instagram

As a result, I’ll be using the gig, a service where someone writes content for your Instagram page. According to fivelytics.com, there are over 1000 services, or 1000 gigs, so the level of competition is very low, but you can see that the average price is $58, which is excellent. As you can see, there are 1000 active gigs for writing content for Instagram.

Now, before I start creating my gig, I’m going to do one more research and that is to actually sort this by best selling so I will see which services are the best selling when it comes to my category. You can see that this person is creating content, but you shouldn’t necessarily focus on that category. Instead, do your research and see if the competition is low and if the average price is high.

If you open up any of these gigs, I can assure you that all of them have higher plans. This is just like a starting point for like five or twenty dollars, which may seem like a little bit like it’s a really low but that is actually probably for like 10 different images or something like that; if you want a full service, then it’s going to be 45.

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Existing GIG Research

I want to get an idea of what the best sellers are doing when it comes to this specific category and what works for them and what is getting results for them so I can use that knowledge for my own gigs; I’m not telling you to just copy and paste the best sellers. I want to see what titles they are using, how they are promoting their gigs, and what they are putting in their description.

As a result, I’m going to do the same for my own gig. I’ll start by creating my gig and giving the gig title I will create Instagram content and manage your account so right off the bat we have three different keywords actually three different keywords. Because that is not the way to go, you just want to get an idea from what they are doing and see what works the best for that particular category on Fiverr. Perhaps short titles are working better with my category so I’m going to do the same.

Selecting Tag For GIG Ranking

Three different search terms that someone could enter into Fiverr are “instagram,” “instagram content,” and “managing your account.” I’ll choose the category, which is going to be “digital marketing and social media marketing,” and then I’ll select “instagram” right here, uh, nothing else. I’ll type in the search tags, which are also extremely crucial because you want to use the tags that you think.

People will actually search for things like instagram content, instagram management, instagram market stuff, and just instagram right here. I’ll enter in those keywords for this gig, save it, and move on to the next phase, where I need to build up my packages or price options. You can, of course, choose to use only one pricing strategy, but I don’t think that’s what you should do since you should always have all three tiers.

Understanding The Price Range

Because doing so will help you maximize your results, you can set your basic package to only cost $5. When someone sees your gig on Fiverr, they will think, “Oh, this is $5. Click on that, and you’ll be cheaper than everyone else. When they open this, however, they will see that they will only get the basic for that service for $5.

They won’t receive a full service, but if they want one, they can purchase a standard or premium plan, which in this game can cost up to $40, $50, or $100. I view the basic plan as equivalent to a free trial, so what I’d do is post three days’ worth of Instagram content. I’ll give it a brief description, but make sure to include as many keywords as you can both in the title and the caption.

Because the Fiverr algorithm will pick up those keywords, I’ll say something along the lines of “I will create Instagram content and manage your account for three days.” These are also different keywords I’m including to ensure that the Fiverr algorithm picks up this gig. Delivery time will be three days for three days of Instagram content. Revisions can be one or zero, but you can choose whether they will be.

For the basic plans, they will only receive the essentials, and that will only cost $5. I’ll set the cost for this single social media post to be $5. Next, we have the standard plan, which in this instance will consist of two weeks’ worth of Instagram content (i.e., 14 days’ worth), 14 days of delivery revisions, and the option to include a page setup. Social media post is also included in this package.

You won’t be doing any of the work yourself, so you can actually finish as many of these services as you can. It’s not like you can get one client and then you need to spend days and weeks creating content for them. I’ll set the price to be, for example, 80 for this service for two weeks of managing and creating content for their Instagram account.

I’ll show you how to do that as well. Finally, we have the premium plan, which is going to be 30 days of Instagram content. Most people will actually choose this because they want a full package so they can get everything they need. If you’re doing the work yourself, you can only focus on one client at a time, but if you’re not, you can complete 1000 services in a week and have 1000 clients.

Since this is a retainer and not a one-time service to sell, people use it on a regular basis. Some people are building their businesses through Instagram and need your content, so they will return for more every single month as long as you continue to provide it. If you provide a good service, people will come back and they can sign up for like six or twelve months or sixteen months or eighteen months for your service, and you can actually make quite a lot of money.

This is the most expensive option, and it will cost you $300 for 30 days of Instagram content and administration, making it the most expensive. You can also provide more services to absolute consumers, such as extra quick delivery, additional revisions, page setup, and so forth. I’ll add extra fast delivery as an example, so if they request it, for instance, as part of the premium plan, let’s say I’ll fulfill their request.

This is an optional step that you may add to enhance the worth of your customers and to maximize your outcomes now that this is a really significant component, I’m going to do it in 40 days rather than 30 days for an extra $100. Include as many keywords as you can in your gig description while composing it to help you rank higher on Fiverr. Believe of all the different keywords you think people could use to find a service like this.

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so here i wrote a pretty long  description but make sure to do that as  well because that’s definitely going to  help you over a longer period of time so  just invest like five to ten minutes now  to write a really nice description of  your gig because that’s gonna attract  the customers and it’s also gonna help  you rank higher on fiverr you can also  add frequently added questions and in  this you can also include different  keywords.

add different keywords in this  case like instagram management instagram  marketing like what is instagram  management then you will type a brief  description of what that is how can i  benefit from this and stuff like that  and just include as many keywords as you  can both in the description the  frequently asked questions and the title  of your gig if you want to help yourself  rank higher on fiverr so i’m gonna save  and continue and we’re gonna go to the  next one so now we will need an actual  image for our fiverr gig this is like a  banner for your gig.

when someone  searches for your service this is what  they will be able to see the first and  this is kind of like your thumbnail on  youtube so just as you have thumbnails  on youtube you have those thumbnails on  fiverr as well so let me show you how i  would create it professionally for the  highest click-through rate to create my  gig design i personally prefer to use  canva because it’s absolutely free and  it’s completely beginner friendly.

so you  don’t need any graphic design skills in  order to do this and it’s probably going  to take you like less than 10 minutes  because it’s already pretty much done  for you now we will not be using canva  to complete those services in fiverr  this is only to show you how you can  create your gig design so that thumbnail  for your service so this is only in a  one-time usage while you’re creating  your gig design.

so go over to canva.com  sign up for free go to the search bar  and i would in this case type in a  thumbnail because i want to use  thumbnail templates and i’ll show you  that it’s all pretty much done for you  you can go through all of these and you  can see which one you like and once you  find the one you like you can just click  on it and you can customize it as you  prefer so let’s say for example i want  to use this one right here i will just  click on it.

and now i can start  customizing it i can remove this image  and i can add my own image so let me  show you how to do that i will press the  delete key on my keyboard i will go to  uploads i will upload my own image and i  will place it let me just show you this  i will place it somewhere around here  you don’t have to add your own image of  course you can just customize it as you  prefer this is how i would personally do  it.

because i realized and i saw that gig  designs with the face included are more  likely to get sales because i don’t know  just they just stand out and they just  have that personal vibe on them so  adding your face through those gig  designs can actually increase your sales  but it’s an option it’s  definitely an optional step uh you don’t  have to do it so now i can customize  this text on the left-hand side so i  will type in for example instagram  content  plus management.

and you can change everything, you can  change the effects, you can change the  size, you can change the font, the colors  literally everything everything is  customizable with canva and you can make  pretty amazing designs using canva.com  even though it’s an absolutely free  online tool.

it can definitely help you  create some professional designs which  have a super high click-through rate in  fiverr so just shrink this text a little  bit.

and of course just spend a little  bit more time creating your own design  to make sure it’s the perfect design  once you’re done just press the download  button this was really quick this  literally took class in 60 seconds but i  just wanted to show you how simple it is  to create those gig designs with camera  once you’re done.

once again just press  the download button you can download  this to your computer you can go back to  five or click on browse upload that  design and now you will have your fiverr  gig design and you are ready to publish  your gear go to save and continue and  publish your gig now it’s about time to  show you how to actually complete all of  those services without doing the work  yourself so you can make money on fiverr  without any skills.

all right so later in  this article will show you how to get  free traffic to your fiverr gig so you  can increase your sales but now i want  to show you how you can complete any  service without doing the work yourself  so you can actually make money on fiverr  without any skills  so you can actually refer to other  freelancing platforms but there is one  trick i’m i don’t want to just go over  to different freelancing platforms and  buy services for a little bit cheaper.

And then just make the difference. That’s  a good way to make money but I’m going  to show you how to actually maximize  your results so with this you’re kind of  doing drop servicing and you can go over  to platforms like peopleperhour.com  you have other platforms like upwork.com  freelancer.

freelancer and so on there’s  lots of different freelancing platforms  that are fiverr alternatives where you  can find the same services for a little  bit cheaper so if you sell a service in  fiverr for 100 whenever someone buys  from you you can actually go through a  different freelancing platform and find  a freelancer that’s gonna do the job for  you for 50 or 40 or 30 dollars so you  just get to keep the difference but also  keep in mind that fiverr actually takes  20  up front fee so when someone buys from  you for like a hundred dollars fiverr  will take 20 dollars so you’re actually  being left with only 80 bucks.

so that’s  also something to be considered you want  to find someone that’s gonna complete  that job or that service for less than  eighty dollars so you’re going to be  profitable but since you’re not doing  the work yourself you can scale this so  so much because you can sell unlimited  services per month you can literally  sell millions of services per month  because you’re not completing anything  yourself and this is actually a really  good business model it’s pretty much the  same as drop shipping i’m sure you’ve  heard of drop shipping.

but instead of  drop shipping physical products you can  drop service digital services from  fiverr so for example if i go over to  peopleperhour.com which is a really good  fiverr alternative i can scroll a little  bit and i can right on the first page  find someone that’s going to create a 30  social media post a 30 instagram post  for 190 dollars and if i’m selling that  service in fiverr for 300.

now i can already keep some difference  so 300 20  is like 60 and that so would actually be  left with 240 dollars and so i can take  that two hundred and forty dollars i can  count to people per hour.com i can pay  for example this seller right here one  hundred and ninety dollars and keep  fifty dollars profit for myself from  just one single client that can come  back month after month and you also want  to make sure that the services you are  reselling have five-star reviews and  that people actually are telling you  nice stuff about your services so your  customers are also going to be satisfied  and they will come back for more.

now  here’s a trick on how to maximize your  results instead of jumping under the  first seller that you find on a  different freelancing platform for which  you want to resell those services i want  you to contact the seller first or  actually contact 10 or 15 different  sellers and try to negotiate the price a  little bit you can tell them that you  will be using their services on a  monthly basis or they will be using  their services again and again that you  will actually bring lots of different  clients.

so that they should reduce the  price for you so i can maybe ask this  this seller right here to charge me  instead of 190 i will ask them if they  can charge me like 140 or 130  so i will actually make even more money  and the profit the profit margin is  actually going to be a lot higher so  that’s one of the ways to do it just go  over to different freelancing platforms  like people peopleperhour.com  quickinggigs.com  truelancer.com guru.com and so on.

and so  forth and find the same service for a  little bit cheaper and when someone buys  from you on fiverr.com you just take  your customers requirements and you go  to a different freelancing platform to a  different seller you pay them a little  bit less to complete that same service  you deliver the completed work through  your customer and you just keep the  difference as a middleman now one of the  best ways to do this is to actually use  upwork and this is where the  outwork.account.

because on here you can  actually create your own job listing so  you can post a job on fiverr and people  will start bidding for that so for  example if you posted a service on  fiverr which is instagram content  creation now you can post a job on  upwork and you can say i need someone to  create content for my instagram account  and they will all start beating and  sending their proposals and they will  try to beat each other by sending lower  and lower prices in order to stand out  those professionals will list their  services for a little bit cheaper than  on fiverr so for example on upwork.com.

you can actually get lots of people  sending proposals for your jobs for like  50  less than you can find in fiverr so i  would post a listing in this case like i  need a 30 instagram posts and i can find  someone that’s going to do it for like a  hundred dollars and i’m selling that  service for 300  on fiverr so you can just see how much  potential this has and it’s pretty  simple and straightforward someone buys  from you on fiverr.

you take their  requirements you place an order on  upwork or any other freelancing platform  you get a delivered work and you deliver  it to your customer it’s simple as that  but once again my recommendation for you  if you want to maximize your results is  to negotiate those prices as much as you  can so you can maximize your profit  margin.

all right so now that you know  how to complete any service in fiverr  and make money without any skills this  is a bonus step on how you can maximize  your results and earn more money and how  to actually drive additional traffic to  your gigs to make more sales now this is  an optional step once again you don’t  have to complete this one but it is  going to improve your chances of getting  more sales and making more money overall  with your fiverr gigs and that’s to use  youtube as your additional traffic  source.

so what you can simply do is you  can make videos related to the services  you want to provide and that can once  again be literally anything you prefer  so you can even choose something that  you’re interested in that you want to  talk about and you don’t have to show  your face you can create screen share  videos or presentation type of videos  there are lots of different ways you can  run a faceless youtube channel and drive  traffic through your fiverr gifs.

through  youtube for example once again if my  service is about instagram management  and instagram content and it helps  people around their instagram business  and grow their instagram business i can  create a video like this on the topic of  instagram fips and even if i don’t know  anything about instagram i can just go  over to google and learn it in like 10  minutes or watch a couple of different  videos and learn how instagram works.

and  i can create a short video giving  instagram tips and tricks and i can tell  the viewer that if they want a full  service of instagram management any  content creation they can check out the  link in the description which is gonna  be my five or a gig and since those are  all super targeted people that are  already interested in something like  that most of them will click on the link  and will purchase the service which will  not only get you sales.

and increase your  revenue but it will also boost you in  the rankings on fiverr so you will get  more organic sales as well so you can  definitely grow your fiber account super  quickly with additional traffic coming  either from youtube instagram facebook  just create content that provides value  and helps people and tell them that they  can buy a service from you on fiverr.

 and  leave a link over there so whatever  service you’re providing you can use  this strategy and i mean just imagine  you had a video that had over 400 000  views and you had 400 000 super targeted  people to click on your link even if  just 10 of those actually click just 10  of them click that’s 40 000 people  coming to your fiber gig that’s a super  huge boost in the rankings on fiverr.

So if you want to supercharge your fiber  business just use additional traffic  sources coming from social media.


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