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Python Project – How To Send Email Using Python

In this python project, we will create a python script for sending email. Yes, using python we can do som many interesting thing. And sending email autonomously is one of them. Hope your are all excited. Then lets do it.

Source Code


import smtplib
import ssl
from email.message import EmailMessage

subject = "Email From Python"
body = "This is a test email form Python!"
sender_email = "[email protected]"
receiver_email = "[email protected]"
password = input("Enter a password: ")

message = EmailMessage()
message["From"] = sender_email
message["To"] = receiver_email
message["Subject"] = subject

html = f"""

message.add_alternative(html, subtype="html")

context = ssl.create_default_context()

print("Sending Email!")

with smtplib.SMTP_SSL("", 465, context=context) as server:
    server.login(sender_email, password)
    server.sendmail(sender_email, receiver_email, message.as_string())


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